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Rocky IV (1985)

He's facing the ultimate challenge. And fighting for his life. [UK]
Drama • 91 minutes  6.8/10
Starring: Sylvester Stallone Talia Shire Burt Young Carl Weathers Brigitte Nielsen Tony Burton Michael Pataki Dolph Lundgren and others.
Director: Sylvester Stallone Screenplay: Sylvester Stallone Director of Photography: Bill Butler Producer: Irwin Winkler Robert Chartoff Editor: Don Zimmerman John W. Wheeler Original Music Composer: Vince DiCola
Released • November 21, 1985

After iron man Drago, a highly intimidating 6-foot-5, 261-pound Soviet athlete, kills Apollo Creed in an exhibition match, Rocky comes to the heart of Russia for 15 pile-driving boxing rounds of revenge.

A.K.A. BR: Rocky 4  DE: Rocky IV - Der Kampf des Jahrhunderts  ES: Rocky 4  GR: Ρόκυ Νο 4  HU: Rocky 4.  JP: ロッキー4/炎の友情  KR: 록키 4  RU: Рокки 4  US: Rocky 4